2014 SEJRA Points

SEJRA To Host 3 Major Events in 2015, Racers Gain Opportunity to Expand Programs

In 2009 the SEJRA began out of necessity to give racers a place to run. The former South-East Series had completely folded, not many race tracks were looking to run Junior only events and the future of some of the other Series' was in question. That left racers from all over the nation looking for a good place to run that they knew would be fair and offer plenty of action.

The opening seasons of the SEJRA were a very successful time. Racers traveled out of their normal arenas to join us for all kinds of events. We traveled all over the South-East, working with many of the top tracks the South had to offer. It was a great time for the SEJRA, the Sponsors, and the Racers.

As we saw success, we began to see other programs looking to build successful programs in their part of the country. The Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast corners all began to have their own good racing action in their back yards, a great thing for their parts of the country! However, with most Series' not having a lot of cross participation due to the overwhelming amount of races, we have seen a decline in racer attendance over the past few seasons in the SEJRA.

As it was in the beginning, the SEJRA is constantly looking out for the overall health of the Jr. Sport. The growth of Series' throughout the nation, along with the introduction of great programs such as the PDRA, EOPM, and the Montgomery Raceway Park Super 7 Series, has led to an over population of Jr. Events. While this is great news for the sport of Jr. Racing, as it shows the value we all bring to the sport of Drag Racing, a continued effort at putting on too many races will have a negative long term impact on the sport as a whole.

For that reason, the SEJRA is continuing its leadership role for 2015 by understanding that Racers actually need less options to race this season. For that reason, we won't be offering a 6 race points contested "Series" in 2015, we will be hosting 3 major events on great dates to allow Racers a wider variety to experience this year. In 2015 the SEJRA will host the following events:

22nd Annual ARC Racing Gritz Blitz

Montgomery Raceway Park

Montgomery, AL

March 6-8


Huddleston Performance Jr. Nationals

presented by Mike Bos Chassis Craft

Bristol Dragway

Bristol, TN

July 18-19


SEJRA Left-Over Nationals

Montgomery Raceway Park

Montgomery, AL

November 27-28


As more races come up, such as the PDRA, EOPM, and Montgomery Raceway Park Super 7 Series, the SEJRA feels it is our responsibility to help make these events the best we can. While the SEJRA is not directly tied to any of these Series', for the overall well being of Jr.'s we feel it best not to conflict with them. Rest assured though, as with the beginning of the SEJRA, if these events begin to fade we will be here ready to take on a full schedule yet again!


We also want to be sure to thank those who have been with the SEJRA from the beginning. Companies such as Motivational Tubing, Huddleston Performance, Mike Bos Chassis Craft, Junior Specialties, ARC Racing, and many more. By these companies stepping up at a time of need, it has helped to create the large playground we all enjoy today. It is very possible that without the timely contribution from all of them, that the Series or Program you enjoy today may have never been created.


Don't think the 3 events we are putting on will be anything short of spectacular though! Our first event at Montgomery Raceway Park will feature some big money racing, and Wally's to the Winners of Sunday's action! These 3 stops on the SEJRA tour are sure to be more than just races, they will be full blown events!


We are looking forward to 2015 for many reasons! We encourage everyone to not only support the 3 events listed above, but also get out and support programs such as the PDRA, the Montgomery Raceway Park Super 7 Series, and the EOPM or any of the many other Junior events scattered across the country! We will see you all at Montgomery Raceway Park on March 6-8 for the 22nd Annual ARC Racing Gritz Blitz!


Morse Ends Season on Exciting Note, Grabs Saturday $1,000 All-Run Win

Caleb Morse and his team have been joining the SEJRA at our Montgomery Raceway Park events the past few seasons. This time they cashed in before heading back home to Louisiana with the $1,000 All-Run victory on Saturday.

In the finals Caleb brought his JR Racecar built ride to the starting line to face off with Mitchell Seymore and his Huddleston Performance powered machine. Both drivers were set on kill going into this final, which unfortunately made it over before it started. Mitchell left just before the green with a -.017 red light. Caleb was ready though with a nice .024 light and a 7.873 on his 7.90 dial.

Congratulations to Caleb and the entire Morse team on a nice ending to their 2014 season!

Brad Cole is Victorious in 10-12 Age Group to Close Out 2014

Brad Cole brought his hotrod down from the cold of Indiana to join us for the final SEJRA event of 2014. He didn't disappoint, he was able to capture the 10-12 Age Group win to go into the off-season on a high note.

In the finals Brad came to the starting line to face Logan Robertson of Jamestown, KY. This would be one of the tightest races of the weekend on both ends! Brad took the jump with a .074 light to Logan's .079. He would need that advantage at the stripe as both drivers were spot on their dials. Brad collected the win with a dead-on 8.904 while Logan trailed closely with an 8.911 on his 8.90.

Congratulations to Brad and the entire Cole team on a great finish to their season!

Jacob Hickey Takes 8&9 Year Old Victory back to Louisiana

Jacob Hickey and his team made the trek to Montgomery Raceway Park worth it Saturday as they were able to grab the 8&9 Year Old Victory. Jacob put together a string of nice lights to overcome one of the larger 8&9 field we have seen in 2014.

In the finals Jacob faced off with Kentucky Racer Keaton Yester. Jacob took a big starting line advantage with a nice .084 which would prove to be the difference. At the stripe it was Jacob turning on the win light with a closer 12.060 on his 11.92 dial for the win.

Congratulations to Jacob and the entire Hickey team on a great win!

Brody Quick Grabs First $1,000 All-Run Win of Jr. Career, Follows with 13&Up Age Group Win in Final Race of Season

Brody Quick has collected race wins and championships multiple times in the SEJRA over the years. However the one race that has always alluded him has been the $1,000 All-Run class. That changed Friday afternoon as Brody was able to collect the All-Run win, and follow that up with the 13&Up Age Group victory Saturday!

In Friday action Brody brought his Huddleston Performance powered ride to the starting line against Mason Gross and his Junior Specialties powered machine. Brody took a big holeshot with his nice .011 to Mason's .082, that would be more than enough at the stripe. Brody took the win with a very nice 7.966 on his 7.95 dial to earn his first big payday.

Saturday saw Brody have similar success in the 13&Up category. This time he brought his Huddleston Performance powered machine up again Will Owens who also sports a Junior Specialties combo. Brody was first off the line by a slight margin this time with a nice .033 to Will's .046. At the stripe both driver's would be pedaling, but it would be Brody out on top with a slowing 8.010 on his 7.94 dial.

Congratulations to Brody on a great weekend all the way around to finish out 2014!

Kenny Carson Makes Final Race Memorable, Takes 7.90 Index Class Win

Kenny Carson and his team have raced with the SEJRA from its beginning. Collecting race wins and championships all over the South-East, they have been one of the top racers the SEJRA has seen over the years. This past weekend marked Kenny's final weekend in a Jr. and he made it a memorable one by collecting the 7.90 Index victory.

In the finals it was a battle of old timers in the Jr. World. Kenny came to the line against Austin Kardules and his Mike Bos Chassis Craft built machine. Both drivers were in their last weekend of Jr. competition so they wanted the win badly. Kenny took a good size lead off the starting line with a nice .017 to Austin's .061. That would be more than enough at the finish line as both driver's put them under the Index, but it was Kenny with a 7.895 collecting the win.

We want to congratulate Kenny on a great final weekend, and thank the Carson Family for joining the SEJRA for so many years now. Good luck in your big car next season Kenny!

Lane Scott Keeps Hardware In Alabama, Collects 8.90 Index Victory

Lane Scott and his team were able to use some home field advantage at the Left-Over Nationals to help collect their first SEJRA 8.90 Index victory of the season. A string of runs which saw Lane win on driving, and his car earn some round wins was exactly the formula for victory.

In the finals Lane came to the line against Mia Schultz and her Huddleston Performance Turn-Key 8.90 Car. Mia was first off the line with a nice .057 to Lane's .102, but she wouldn't be able to hold on. Lane was able to push her further under the 8.90 Index as his 8.889 was closer than Mia's 8.885 for the win.

Congratulations to Lane and the Scott Family on a great victory to finish off their 2014 season!

Carson Emmett Caps Strong 2014 Season with Final 11.90 Index Win of the Year

Carson Emmett and his team have been hard to handle all season long. Not only in the younger kids classes, but throughout all of the SEJRA Classes. This weekend he would find himself in the Winner's Circle, this time for the 11.90 Index Class.

In the finals Carson took on fellow Alabama Racer Nathan Ramer. Carson took a sizeable lead off the starting line which would prove to be just enough at the stripe. His slower 11.975 held off the hard charging 11.957 of Nathan's to capture the victory.

Congratulations to Carson and the entire Emmett team on their win and an outstanding 2014 season!

Photos Courtesy: Doug Price