2014 SEJRA Points

Preston Tanner Grabs 13&Up Wally, Makes it Tanner Family Winner Circle

Preston Tanner was able to make it an all Tanner Family Winner Circle by grabbing the 13&Up Wally on Sunday. Joining his sister, Lexi Tanner, Preston marched through the older field of competitors to grab the sought after hardware.

In the finals Preston came up against Matthew Miller. Reaction times were close off the starting line with Preston taking the slight edge. That would prove to be the difference in the double break out affair, Preston stayed closer to his 7.92 dial with a 7.895 for the race win!

Congratulations to Preston and the Tanner Family on a great start to their 2015 campaign!

Schmidt Takes Wally Home to Florida, Grabs 10-12 Age Group Victory

Brittany Schmidt and her team made the trek to Montgomery Raceway Park all the way from Sparr, Florida. They didn't head home empty handed either, as she was able to grab the 10-12 Age Group victory before the weekend was out.

In the finals Brittany met up with former day's $500 All-Run winner Lexi Tanner. Both drivers were identical on the tree with .089 reaction times. At the stripe it would be Brittany staying above her dial with a 9.31 on her 9.26 dial for the victory. Lexi was nearly perfect, but her 8.912 on the 8.92 dial was a little too quick for the win.

Congratulations to Brittany and her team on a very good start to their 2015 season!

Westmoreland Evens the Score on Sunday, Grabs Wally Victory in 6-9 Age Group

Logan Westmoreland was one of the furthest traveling racers at the 22nd Annual ARC Racing Gritz Blitz, traveling all the way from South Carolina. That long haul wasn't for nothing, as Logan grabbed the coveted Wally trophy on Sunday to take home!

In the finals Logan met up with the racer who took him out on Saturday, Carson Emmett. This time the score would be evened, as Logan took the race win in convincing fashion. When the tree fell, the young Westmoreland was off with a stellar .011 reaction time. He then paired that with a nearly perfect 12.016 on his 12.01 dial for a crazy .017 package! More than enough to take the Wally home to South Carolina.

Congratulations to Logan and his entire team on earning the outstanding win!

Kaitlyn Miller Earns $1,000 All-Run Victory on Strength of Perfect Light in Finals

Kaitlyn Miller has made her way to a number of SEJRA events over time. This past weekend she cashed in one of the bigger wins of her SEJRA career with a victory in the $1,000 All-Run.

In the finals, Kaitlyn was ready for all comers and it would be Maverick Palmatier stepping up to the plate to face off against her. Kaitlyn knocked the tree over with a perfect .000 light, while Maverick left the red light glowing. Kaitlyn eased her way to the finish line to earn the race win, and $1,000 check awaiting her!

Congratulations to Kaitlyn and the Miller Family on a very good weekend.

Lexi Tanner Cashes in Early, Takes $500 All-Run Victory at MRP

Lexi Tanner has been collecting wins in both the 10-12 Age Group and 8.90 Index classes for a few seasons now. She began to branch out at the 22nd Annual ARC Racing Gritz Blitz by grabbing the $500 All-Run victory to add to her collection!

In the finals Lexi ran into Louisiana native Darian Boesch for the cash prize. Lexi would take the starting line advantage with a .090 to Darian's .129, and that would prove to be enough. Her 8.921 on the 8.90 dial pushed Darian under his 7.90 dial, giving her the win and the pay day!

Congratulations to Lexi and the entire Tanner team on a great start to 2015.

Carson Emmett Starts 2015 Same as 2014 Ending, Wins Opening 8&9 Year Old Event

Carson Emmett has become a force in the 8&9 Year Old division at races across the South-East. This past weekend at Montgomery Raceway Park it was no different as he found the Winner's Circle yet again.

In the finals he met up with South Carolina Racer Logan Westmoreland. Logan took a sizeable starting line lead, but wasn't able to put it together at the finish line. Carson's 12.48 on his 12.44 dial would be out Logan's breakout 11.88 on the 11.90 dial.

Congratulations to Carson and his team on picking up where they left off to start their 2015 season!

Photos Courtesy: Doug Price